Finding the ideal hire is like mining for gold, employee gold!

With unemployment at its highest ever, due to the global pandemic, uncompromising economic climate, and fewer job opportunities available, how do you identify the best from thousands available?

Bulk recruitment is expensive and inaccurate as recruiters rely primarily on CV’s and interviews to select what they believe are the best applicants. This method is not only outdated but extremely time-consuming and expensive and, in most cases, leaves the employer disappointed with applicants employed. Further down the line, bad hires continue to cost as they require more management, coaching, and performance management only to have to start the process again. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.  Besides, these questions need to be asked:

  • Using traditional methods, how can one possibly find the best applicants from millions available?
  • How is it possible to identify the ideal applicant from a CV?

Behind every CV is a person with hopes and aspirations of changing their circumstances. 

Case Study

In a recent campaign to find 100 ideal hires for a well-known multinational contact center for their Western Cape, South Africa site, SkillsPassport South Africa received 6395 applications and CV's. Using SkillsPassport proprietary technology they were able to identify 243 ideal hires.

If one applies this ratio to bulk recruitment (62 to 1), consider this:  the BPO sector in the Western Cape (South Africa), created 7631 jobs meaning, recruiters had to read through just over 473,000 CV's, roughly 950,000 pieces of paper!.


We help your recruitment team!

We help your recruitment team!

We work closely with your recruitment team to configure a battery of assessments that are pertinent to the job specification. We then launch a campaign aimed at driving job-seekers to apply on the platform and complete the assessments

Applicants registering on the platform using their mobile phone complete the assessments, those meeting minimum requirements are shortlisted as “Ideal hires”

Your recruitment team, secure in the fact the applicants on the Ideal hires list have what it takes, simply use the list to continue the recruitment process saving them time and money.


Using technology to scale!

Using technology to scale!

The last assessment in any battery of assessments is the video clip assessment. This assessment requires applicants to record a short video recording of themselves responding to a set of questions posed by SkillsPassport behavioural experts. 

The experts, with over 30 years of behavioural analysis experience, evaluate the video clip in conjunction with preceding assessment results and score applicants. Those applicants meeting minimum requirements appear on the Ideal hires list.

Only the video clips of applicants meeting minimum requirements in preceding assessments are evaluated, thereby allowing the methodology to scales whilst engaging a professional human touch.

The Solution

Customized assessment based on job role

The SkillsPassport bulk recruitment platform relies on a battery of job specification focussed assessments and interventions, hosted on a web-enabled platform that provides for mass profiling and selection shortlisting the best applicants.


Verbal Reasoning

A measurement of the ability to read and understand printed text accurately. For most careers, it is essential to be able to express oneself accurately in spoken and written form of communication.

Numerical Reasoning

Not only measures the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, it also assesses the use of mathematical skills to solve problems and meet the demands of day-to-day living in complex social settings.

Non Verbal Reasoning

The ability to analyse information and solve problems by using visual and hands-on reasoning.  Assesses the ability to identify relationships between objects, similarities between objects, and memorising them.

Memory, Speed and Accuracy

Assesses functional competencies in areas of accuracy, work speed, and short-term memory. assesses the ability to compare text, numbers, or patterns quickly and accurately and also to detect errors in text or numerical data of various types.

Inner Self

Measures our self-understanding to ascertain the extent to which the inner self-profile matches the ideal profile of a role.

Preference Profile

Measures thinking preferences. Everything we do starts with our brain - the way we think, react to others, make decisions, communicate, choose careers, manage people depends on how we think!

Micro Learning

Position Specific micro-course which is aimed at testing the understanding of the role as well as work ethic


Video Clip

Applicants are required to record a short video clip of themselves responding to a set of questions posed by behavioural experts. The video clip is a key behavioural analysis component that allows our behavioural experts to analyse myriad aspects of the applicants’ interaction and behaviour.

The Team

With over 30 years experience in assessment design, our team can assist in selecting from a wide variety of scientifically proven pre-employment assessments that are easy to setup and customize to your hiring needs

Dr Lanette Hattingh

Dr Lanette Hattingh


Dr Hattingh has many years of experience in HR specializing in job placements, interviews, assessments, marketing, and recruitment. As an Educational Psychologist, since 1988, her practice specialized in early childhood development, learning problems, and career guidance as well as motivational workshops for principals and teachers. She was the CEO of Brainwave Careers NPC and Brainwave Projects 653 Pty Ltd for more than 11 years. She has developed a series of educational materials including the Discover Your Career workbook which has been used by more than 1,000,000 learners. She received a Lifetime achievement award for Community service in 2017.

Dalene Erasmus

Dalene Erasmus


Dalene is a competency assessment and development specialist. She has vast experience in the field of selection and development of talent and has worked for numerous multinationals in the pharmaceutical, IT, construction, financial services and retail industries. She conducts these assessments both face-to-face (globally) and online. The assessments are conducted for the purpose of recruitment, succession planning and development.

Paul Hodgson

Paul Hodgson

Chief Executive Officer

Paul is an experienced entrepreneur and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of marginalized people, he has a decade of experience working with people development and technology and started the SkillsPassport journey 4 years ago

Michael Oosthuizen

Michael Oosthuizen

Chief Technology Officer

Michael is a young dynamic computer engineer who brings his blinding intelligence to the SkillsPassport team. Michael and his dev. team have developed the leading edge SkillsPassport platform

Deon Botha

Deon Botha

Chief Marketing Officer

Ex CEO from the Call Center Industry, Ex-Director of training at CS Holdings, Ex-senior executive of training at Dimension Data Learning Solutions (DDLS). Having established Human Capital Development Management strategies at DDLS, and sourcing the right candidates for the right roles across various sectors, Deon brings his knowledge and skills as Head of Marketing.

Chris van den Heever

Chris van den Heever

UK Partner

A positive, proactive, and dynamic professional with a highly successful international background in the establishment and management of new business ventures.  Specializes in identifying and maximizing commercially and financially viable opportunities and in the development of strategies and plans designed to facilitate profitable growth and competitive superiority.  A confident communicator and negotiator capable of influencing decisions and of establishing mutually beneficial relationships at the highest level.  A motivational and inspirational manager and senior executive who thrives in highly pressurized and challenging working environments.

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